As each beautiful garment is individually handmade in the Britain: there may be slight differences between garments purchased. Unlike other brands on the market: we offer a MADE TO MEASURE service on all Lingerie garments meaning that items are made one an order is placed to match the order you have placed. When purchasing your garment please use the drop down menu to select your chosen size- if your size does not appear then please select the CUSTOM option and use the CONTACT us page to notify us of your requested size. Please note that we only recommend these delicate garments in sizes up to a DD cup. If you would like to order and you are larger than our recommended size email us before ordering.

If your require more information please follow our guide or email us for more information Start by measuring yourself in inches around the bottom of the band, directly under your bust. The tape should be level and very snug to your skin. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number. If your number is even add four inches and if it is odd then add five inches. Your band size will be the sum of this final calculations. for example: If you measured 27 inches, your band size is 32 inches. 

As we are a UK based company- All designs are handmade with a UK size guide so please do bare this in mind if you are an International Customer.

As all garments are made- to-measure we have very strict returns and exchange policies on all orders: so please check out our other pages for more details before purchasing any items from our store.

If you are unsure of your size please email us before purchasing- as you cannot return any garments due to an incorrect size.